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Bound - Ali Spooner


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Author: Ali Spooner
190 pages | 66,514 words

A rogue master vampire threatens the existence of the New Orleans vampire clan. Lord Jordan, the head of the clan, employs a unique pair of bounty hunters, specially trained to eliminate supernatural threats, to deal with the situation. However, when the identity of the rogue is revealed, he realizes the bounty hunters will not be strong enough alone.

Lord Jordan enlists Devin Benoit, sister of the Baton Rouge Alpha, and her witch lover, Tia, to assist with cleansing the city from potential disaster.

Continue the exploits of your favorite characters from The Devil’s Tree in this exciting sequel.


Ali Spooner
About Ali Spooner:

Ali Spooner is a native of Florida, currently living and working in Memphis, TN. Home for Ali is Pensacola, Florida where she has a partner of twenty years, one son and a grandchild that has her wrapped completely around her little finger. Her other children are all four legged, three dogs and two cats, and my dearest companion in Memphis, Rascal, a rescued tiger kitten named after my favorite country group. A true daughter of the South, Ali enjoy spinning stories about the South, the strong, but gentle women and creatures that make it a wondrous place to live. As an Indie author, Ali has been writing for many years as a hobby, and after a cancer diagnosis in 2010, she decided to take a leap and start self-publishing and has published over a dozen stories. Ali's characters range from cowgirls and psychics, to a healthy dose of supernatural beings. She has written stand-alone titles and series. Ali frequently writes several stories at a time, depending on which characters are bouncing around loudest in her head. Ali is an avid reader and her other hobbies include photography, outdoor activities and watching college sports.