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50 Ways To Work Wiser


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150 pages | 25432 words
Date of publication: 01/01/2018

This book exists to help you work more wisely. We, at Minerva Work Solutions, recognize the investment we all make in our jobs and we know we can do more to help ourselves and our communities by promoting humane and effective work practices.

In the interest of putting something into your hands to use exactly when you need it, we've boiled down our experience and research into 50 practical tips. Each tip is presented in short segments. We've also categorized these tips as primarily relevant for leadership development, teamwork, or general professional development topics (e.g., career visioning).

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Kathryn Keeton, Ph.D.
About Kathryn Keeton, Ph.D.:
Kathryn is an expert in innovation and strategic management within organizations. She has experience coaching professionals and developing teams and leaders in some of the most extreme working environments on (as well as off) earth.
Kelley Slack, Ph.D.
About Kelley Slack, Ph.D.:
Kelley has spent over twenty years providing insight into organizations’ customers, employees, and culture through surveys. Her work recognizes the interrelationship between what work means to employees and how organizations make decisions.
Lacey Schmidt, Ph.D.
About Lacey Schmidt, Ph.D.:
<p>Lacey has provided selection, training, and development systems to organizations for a variety of interesting jobs and work teams, including: astronauts, firefighters, police detectives, nurses, chefs, financial advisers, engineers, pilots, and Antarctic expeditioners.</p>
William O’Keefe
About William O’Keefe:
Bill served over twenty years as a USAF pilot and instructor before spending another twenty years managing, designing, and delivering team training to astronauts and flight controllers at NASA.