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Do Dreams Come True? - JM Dragon


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Author: JM Dragon
283 pages | 67,127 words

Laurel Rogers was unceremoniously dumped by her long-time lover, painter Ronnie Lancaster, finding her belongings outside the apartment they shared. To add to her misery, the next day she loses her job, fired by the Dragon of Finance, Christen Jamison. What else can go wrong? Oh yes, her best friend becomes engaged to the brother of the Dragon.

For ten years, Christen Jamison has never forgiven her partner for walking out on her. She’s given up on love, making her work her life as the accountant for the family business. After she is directed to fire a woman who should never have been on the redundancy list—Laurel Rogers—Christen begins to doubt her commitment to the store’s management and policies.

How do two people who really shouldn’t get on end up in a relationship? Find out in this deliciously ordinary romance.

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JM Dragon
About JM Dragon:
JM Dragon: Born in England and now a New Zealand citizen, living in the beautiful Canterbury countryside, JM Dragon loves to garden, travel and has a love of animals. Her animals, many of them strays, even the odd chicken, have proved a new focus in her life. Sharing her life with her family, two cats, two alpacas and over forty bantam chickens in differing breeds; she has found a totally different focus in her life than when she lived in England. Her writing is a long cherished release for the characters that invade her mind on many an occasion.Always having written stories from a child, she found the internet a place she could share her creative world with other readers. Having stumbled across venues on the net for her writing, she found new subjects to explore. She currently loves the creative, readership and friendship genre she has comfortably taken residence in for the last twelve years. A keen reader of sci-fi, crime/mystery, classic and romance of course. JM Dragon is here to stay and loves to experiment with story lines-who knows what she will tease us with next.