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Specter of Fear - Erin O'Reilly


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100 pages | 31,307 words

Anne and Bailey are in love and planning a future together. Only the letters that Anne keeps getting are filling her with fear and doubt. Could the love they share really be a sham? Or is there something more behind the letters?

Is the sender of the letters after Anne, Bailey or both women? Find out in this suspenseful tale…or is it a real story?


Erin O'Reilly
About Erin O'Reilly:

Erin O'Reilly: First challenged by a friend to write a story, Erin has since written numermous online and publish works. Her story, Deception,was a GCLS Finalist in 2008. That book also garnered the Sapphic Readers Award in 2009. Story creation involving strong characters always seems to dictate the story and invade her mind at all hours. It always amazes her when the characters she is developing suddenly take on a life of their own and lead the story down a completely different path. She thinks that, when all is done, the characters make an impact on the storylines, and the story is better for it.

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